Get Involved

* If you would like to bring a DEAF KIDS CODE workshop to your area please send us an email.


* If you would like to get involved we are always looking for passionate people to join in our efforts! We are exploring ways in expanding our reach to as many children as possible nationally.

                                                         Corporations can

  * volunteer *                  * sponsor a workshop*                *offer shadowing or internships*

 A variety of involved partnerships is how we make this initiative work effectively.

Our success is by aligning with various affiliates that range from industry partners to university outreach. A strong community is key for us to effectively be impactful . We are always looking for interested people and companies wanting to donate their time, talent, and resources. Any support provided helps us succeed in facilitating what we do. Anyone interested in bringing a program or class to their area can contact us via email. 

Click the link to message us!