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The Issue


According to the CDC, people who are deaf/ hard of hearing are at high risk of unemployment or chronic

underemployment at a rate of 70% or more nationally. For the majority of this population, that has no physical or intellectual barriers, this staggering statistic is the result of communication barriers. In today's world, computing has become the bridge for providing a streamlined way of interacting. The U.S. Department of Labor projects the workforce will be adding over 1 million tech related jobs in the next 8 years. Having strong skills is essential because it's the backbone for almost every field and industry imaginable. Through the use of email, texting, and various other devices, the gap between the employer and employee becomes smaller. Deaf Kids Code's goal is to promote, inspire, empower, and spark the innovative spirit through the world of programming. By helping to pave a path that is encouraging greater social and economic participation. Society becomes the greatest beneficiary of their talent. Help us change the equation!





Deaf Kids Code promotes technology, computer science, and design thinking skills as an innovative tool to empower deaf/ hard of hearing students socially and economically.






Deaf Kids Code’s vision is meant to bridge the severe economic and social gaps that exist among the deaf/hard of hearing through the cultivation of computing and technology skills. In order to fill this disparity, we believe that by incorporating this into the Deaf education, as well as, reaching those who are mainstreamed is an essential tool that can take them to a new level of global participation that has never happened before. Through the universal language of computing they can become a vital asset in filling the opportunities awaiting them now and into the future.  

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